The Judge In The Stanford Swimmer Rapist Case Just Stopped Hearing Criminal Cases

Aaron Persky

Judge Aaron Persky, the judge who presided over the Brock Turner Stanford swimmer rapist case, has recused himself from all criminal cases moving forward. Although Persky hasn’t publicly stated the exact reasoning behind his decision, he did allude to the backlash he’s received for only giving Turner six months in prison.

Here’s a statement from Presiding Judge Rise Pichon:

While I firmly believe in Judge Persky’s ability to serve in his current assignment, he has requested to be assigned to the civil division, in which he previously served. Judge Perky believes the change will aid the public and the court by reducing the distractions that threaten to interfere with his ability to effectively discharge the duties of his current criminal assignment.

Incredibly, his decision comes one day after he had to recuse himself from another sex crime case. Death+Taxes explains that he had to step back from a child pornography possession case after people were too upset he only proposed four days in prison. Clearly he lost sight of the meaning of justice somewhere along the way.

We know a lot of people are probably happy about this change, but since it’s his own decision, Persky can always go back to trying criminal cases whenever he feels up to it.

Judge Aaron Persky sits on the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara. Before he became a judge, Judge Persky used to practice civil law, so the change shouldn’t be that big a deal for him.

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