Cowboys Season Already Unraveling, Ezekiel Elliot Seen At Marijuana Dispensary

This has nothing to do with the fact that Ezekiel Elliot is in a pot shop and everything to do with the fact like I like making fun of the Cowboys, as they are the currently the only team in the NFL that makes asses of themselves more than my Jets do. Look, I have got nothing against the chronic and I’m well aware that the league’s stance on it is antiquated and outdated. I’m also sure Elliot is a probably a great kid, but you gotta be some kinda stupid to stroll into a dispensary on a GAME DAY. That’s right, he had a GAME that night. You’re the star running back for the Dallas Cowboys now, Ezekiel. You’re going to be recognized no matter where you go.

According to TMZ:

The 21-year-old rookie hit up the “Herban Legends” weed shop in Belltown — a 5 minute drive from the Space Needle — where he checked out some of the merchandise Thursday afternoon.

For the record … our sources tell us they did NOT see Elliott make any sort of a purchase — and we’re told it’s VERY common for tourists to just browse the weed shops while visiting town.

Come on, Elliot. You’re going to have a great career, don’t start throwing it away before it stars. Look at Leveon Bell: he’s one of, if not the, best running back in the league, but he spends the season on the bench because of the herb. The NFL’s policy on marijuana use is flaming horsesh*t – as are most of the things they do- but the rules are the rules, and if you wanna play in the league, you gotta follow them.

As Stephen A Smith would say, STAY OFF THE WEEEEEEED. And NFL, please join the year 2016, and let the players smoke if they want to smoke.

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