Here Are The Most Inappropriate Things People Have Heard At Funerals

Funeral Crashers

Funerals aren’t easy for anyone. On top of the fact that someone’s just died (RIP), there’s a lot of different emotions flowing around with the family, the friends, and the friends of the friends who are showing up out of support, all dealing with the loss in different ways. Then you have all these people, emotions flowing at 100 MPH, sitting close together and trying to figure life out.

Now, if you’re Chazz Reinhold from Wedding Crashers, that means that the women are ripe for the picking. But if you’re just a normal person, quietly grieving in the background, it means that you’re likely to hear some weird stuff. So when someone on reddit asked readers to share the strangest and most inappropriate stuff that they’d heard at a funeral, a ton of people came from the woodwork to tell their best tales.

Here’s what they heard:

“Funerals are insane, the chicks are so horny. It’s not even fair.”


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“Everybody Poops”

“My grandmother died this past May and my cousins and I were pallbearers at the funeral. During the funeral we were all joking around and laughing about memories with our grandmother.

As we were walking behind the hearse on the way to the burial site it was silent, we got to the site and the six of us unloaded the casket and began walking to the site with the casket when my cousin loudly says, ‘Dude I’ve got to take a runny dump.’

This lead to six grown men, carrying their grandmother to be buried, laughing uncontrollably as family and friends watched thinking we were all insane.”

Wrong Funeral, Homie


“Who Do You Know Here?”


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