From Phi Mu To Delta Gamma, See Who’s Repping Your School In Miss COED 2017

We’ve scoured the nation to find the smartest, coolest, all-around most awesome college girls in the country, and we’re bringing them straight to you. In fact, we’re publishing five girls a day every day until we run out… which is a lot of days, TBH. You can thank me later.

From Texas to Michigan and Phi Mu to Delta Gamma, it’s pretty safe to say that their interests are vastly different. Yet each girl is repping her school with pride and hoping to take home the coveted title of Miss COED 2017.

Without further ado, meet the next group of contestants. Who are you voting for?!

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Taylor Harrison, Texas Tech University

Taylor Harrison

“I love my school because it has such a small town feel where everyone is welcomed. Everyone, on and off campus, takes so much pride in being a Red Raider!”

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Madisyn Earehart, Eastern Michigan University

Madisyn Earehart

“I love my college because the staff and students are so personable and welcoming. Plus, the campus is SO beautiful. Things are new but old at the same time. Eastern has a great, old-time college feel. (My 4-year-old niece said she feels like she’s in Monsters University when she visits).”

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Lauren Adams, Louisiana Tech University

Lauren Adams

“I really hate when people try to have a conversation with me right when I wake up. Or anytime before noon. Both.”

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Amelia Hitchens, Denison University

Amelia Hitchens

“I’m a member of Delta Gamma, a varsity cheerleader, and Features Editor of the School Newspaper (The Denisonian). Off campus, I compete in pageants! I am currently Miss North Central Ohio 2016 and just placed in the top 10 at Miss Ohio!”

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Nicole Linan, University of Nevada – Reno

Nicole Linan

“If I had 24 hours left to live, I would spend them with little ones because there’s nothing I love more than kids.”

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