Texas Real Estate Agent Confirms Fantasy In Every Male Home Buyer’s Mind

Buying a house or an apartment isn’t just expensive, it’s a pain in the tookus. So thank God for real estate agents like 22-year-old Kayla Marisa Seloff and a few other hot real estate agents who’ve left just a shred of possibility that maybe, just maybe, hooking up with a sexy realtor in an empty house is a thing.

You see, last Friday, Seloff sold a house in Friendswood, TX. Naturally, she wanted to find a way to celebrate, so she rustled up 27-year-old Joshua Leal. The two of them then headed over to the client’s house.

Cut to 5 A.M., when a neighbor from the Friendswood house called the police after hearing noises and saw a flashlight coming from the empty house. When police arrived, they entered the house and found her hooking up with Joshua Leal. (Well, technically we don’t know if they were hooking up, but the police used the term “passionate rendezvous,” so we’re going to guess that’s what they meant.)

The man and woman hid as officers entered the home through the unlocked front door. Kayla Marisa Seloff, 22, of Houston, claimed she and Joshua Gene Leal, 27, of Friendswood, were married and had just purchased the residence the day prior. Seloff and Leal were escorted to their car to retrieve their identification. [source]

Sadly, that’s where the story stops becoming fun. When the police escorted the happy couple out of the house, the cops took Seloff to her car to get her ID. Almost as soon as they opened the car door, they smelled marijuana and found a weed pipe. They also learned that Seloff wasn’t actually a newlywed, but instead the real estate agent.

Apparently, she copped to the ownership of the marijuana and the pipe, and the two of them have been charged with criminal trespassing. Both of their bonds were set at $1k.

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