WATCH: Spain vs France Live Stream Olympic Basketball

Today’s Men’s Olympic Basketball game between Spain and France is going to be an extremely great matchup to watch, due to the teams’ extremely bitter rivalry. In the photo above, you can see Jose Calderon and Marc Gasol confronting Nicolas Batum immediately after Batum literally punched Juan-Carlos Navarro in the nuts in the final seconds of the London 2012 quarterfinals. That highlight is definitely worth a watch, but I’d like to add that when Batum was asked about why he did it, the Frenchman explained that he “wanted to give him something to flop about.” As far as honest responses go, that’s one of the best.

But we digress.

Spain started out extremely cold, but slowly started picking it up after losing to Croatia and Brazil. Similarly, France started the same way. We’d like to give Spain the benefit of the doubt in this game, although the truth is that it’s too close to call definitively. Spain certainly has the big name talent, but either team is capable of coming away with a victory.

Spain vs. France Olympic Basketball Game Viewing Details

Date: Wednesday, August 17th, 2016
Time: 1:30 PM EST
Event: Men’s Basketball
Teams: Spain vs. France
TV Channel: Basketball Specialty Channel
Referees: José Reese (MEX), Damir Javor (SLO), Oļegs Latiševs (LAT)
Where: Carioca Arena 1 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

How To Stream Spain vs. France On Your Mobile Device

The game is going to be aired on the USA Network, which is part of the NBC family of networks, so NBC will be providing the live stream. Your best bet for a quality stream is going to be via the NBC Sports app, which has been already been live streaming Olympic soccer coverage for a few days now.

The only downside to the free app is that it requires a cable subscription log-in. That being said, if you don’t have one you can just ask your friends and family. The NBC Sports app works great for both mobile phones and tablets.

Download NBC Sports for iTunes Store | Google Play Store

How To Stream Spain vs. France on Your Computer

Similar to our suggestion for watching the Spain vs. France game on your mobile, head to NBC for the official coverage of the games. is the official provider of online streams and NBCOlympics will even provide viewers with a free 30-minute preview for first-time users. (No word on whether or not that temporary pass will reset in incognito mode, but the safe bet is that it won’t.)

You can live stream the game at

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