WATCH: Michael Phelps With The Greatest D*ckhead Interview of All Time

Michael Phelps Is A Douche

The amount of people like Michael Phelps is very small. Similarly, the amount of people who have actually met Michael Phelps personally and enjoyed their moment with the legend is also very small. What I’m trying to say is that he’s a d*ck. And this is no secret. I’ve met him and he was a d*ck to me. My girlfriends have met him, and he was a dick to them.

So when I first saw on BustedCoverage that Michael Phelps shut down an Arizona news team after arriving in the United States, I had to watch because I knew that it would be an incredible video. Like, now that Phelps isn’t in the pool winning gold medals he’s going to go right back to being a d*ck.

I was not wrong, or disappointed…

But you know what? Putting aside my personal dislike for the way that the greatest swimmer ever handles his fans, I have to say that I’m siding with Phelps on this one. He probably told the news crew a couple of times that he wasn’t going to do an interview. They were probably really annoying. So I can’t blame him for wanting to just go on his way.

Also, Phelps and family have done interviews with NBC and Matt Lauer. You think he’s going to give Marc Liverman of Good Morning Arizona an exclusive just because you’re there at the airport? Think again.

All that being said, the way that he enunciates “I’m trying to get my family home safe and that’s what matters the most” makes me go right back to hating him. So conflicted…

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