Ivet Lalova-Collio Is Sprinting At The Olympics Tonight And You're Going To Want To Tune In

Ivet Miroslavova Lalova-Collio is a Bulgarian sprinter who actually has been on our radar since 2012. Lalova-Collio is a Bulgarian athlete who specialises in the 100-meter and 200-meter sprint events. Lalova-Collio is also pretty damn good, too. She is the 12th-fastest woman in the history of the 100 metres and is tied with Irina Privalova for the fastest time by a sprinter not of West African descent.
In her competitive career, Lalova-Collio finished fourth in the 100-meter and fifth in the 200-metres at the 2004 Summer Olympics. Her career was postponed until May 2007 due to a leg injury. In June 2012, she won gold at the 2012 European Athletics Championships in the Women’s 100 metres. In July 2016 she won two silver medals at the 2016 European Athletics Championships in both the Women’s 100-meter and 200-metres.
Lalova-Collio will be competing at the 2016 Rio Olympics, so make sure you check out her 22 hottest photos below! She’s definitely worth the time.

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