Salma Hayek’s Cousin Yvonne Treviño Is An Olympian, A Record Holder, AND A Hottie

That Hayek family has some genes. First, we were introduced to Salma Hayek, who looks as good as the day we were introduced to her. Then, at the 2016 Olympics, the world was introduced to her cousin, Yvonne Treviño Hayek.

Yvonne Treviño Hayek, 27 years old, is a Mexican track and field athlete who competes in the long jump. She also happens to be very, very good. Hayek is the current holder of the Mexican record with 6.70. She qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympics, her first ever Olympics.

Hayek was a track and field star from the time she was young.  She started her career in track and field at the age of 8 years old, where at a national competition she broke the long jump meet record for her age. Her coach at the time realized the amount of talent she had, so the coach told her parents that one day she could “make history in track and field” for Mexico. And clearly, as a record holder, she has.

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