Watch: Ohio Crowd Goes Bonkers When Drake Bring LeBron James Onstage

Drake brings out LeBron


Last time we saw LeBron James and Drake in the same arena LeBron was clowning the rapper after taking down Drake’s hometown Toronto rappers. This was Drake was performing on LeBron’s turf in Columbus, Ohio and the two were far friendlier.

Aubrey brought out the Finals MVP onstage and LeBron’s Ohio brethren went nuts. The guy whose jerseys they were burning just a few years is once again Ohio’s most prized possession.

Aubrey and LeBron have a lot in common; both can be insufferably corny but they are inarguably the biggest stars in their respective fields.

After coming out, the point forward dished the rap star an assist on “Pop Style.” Check out the video of the two titans showing each other love,

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