‘Sausage Party’ Screws ‘Suicide Squad’ At Box Office…

sausage party box office

Sausage Party struck a blow for bad taste at the box-office this weekend — and we caught a big-screen presentation of 1978’s Animal House, so it was also a great weekend for the kind of movies that just aren’t supposed to be funny anymore.

There are plenty of SJWs who are going to talking about the end of civilization because Sausage Party set the record for the largest August opening ever for an animated film. That’s after the latest from Seth Rogen and his gang opened to an impressive $33.6 million despite plenty of complaints that the movie dared to be sexist and irreverent and even racist over its depiction of tacos.

Also, Sausage Party was an original idea, which might even be a wake-up call for studios stuck in the world of sequels, remakes, and reboots. We don’t think anything will make the studios less scared of being called racists and sexists on Twitter, though.

There is some comfort for outraged keyboard warriors, though. Suicide Squad only brought in $43.8 million in its second week — which is good news for the movie plenty of people derided for being sexist and celebrating gun culture. The good news for the patriarchal society is that was enough money to keep Suicide Squad at #1 two weeks in a row. It’s still a depressing 67% slide from opening week — very close to how badly Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice performed in its second week. Personally, we think Suicide Squad could’ve used more guns.

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