Lidia Valentin Becomes Cutest Olympian Who Could Beat Us Up [GIF]

Lidia Valentin rio olympics

Lidia Valentin just caught the eye of folks at Marvel Studios by stepping up to the Rio Olympics weightlifting competition with a show of strength and cuteness. We bet Disney is making some phone calls, too — although we can’t decide if it would be for the Star Wars franchise or a big new idea for the next Frozen.

In any case, the Spanish beauty, 31, claimed both Olympics bronze and the world’s heart with her sweet celebration of showing off that she’s in better shape than in any COED staffer. She’s been doing it for a while, too, but nobody pays attention to this kind of thing until the Olympics. Watch her over and over again now…

Lidia Valentin rio olympics

And if that’s too much cuteness, here’s Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan not getting a gold medal while turning his elbow inside out. Don’t miss the coach’s reaction. Too many people left that out…

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