Autistic Michael Jordan Emulator Gets A Surprise From The Real MJ

Wannabe MJ Gets Call from Real MJ


If you show up to a pickup basketball game looking exactly like Michael Jordan, people are going to notice. So last month the video below of a guy who went full Jordan- from the shaved head to the full jersey, sweatbands and shoes- went viral. Apologies for the profanity.

The wannabe Jordan’s name is Jeffrey Harrison, and he is an autistic man from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho who has idolized basketball’s GOAT since he was 4 years old. After he was profiled by local news station KREM-2, the real Jordan heard his story and hooked up the super fan with two boxes full of Jordan brand swag.

Michael Jordan sent two boxes of gear to Jeffrey Harrison after seeing video of him playing hoops in his MJ uniform.

— Darnay Tripp (@DarnayTripp) August 12, 2016

The package came with a special message from the GOAT himself.

Jeffrey reading his letter from MJ. So amazing.

— Darnay Tripp (@DarnayTripp) August 12, 2016

But that’s not all. Jeffrey also got a phone call from his hero.

The end of Jeffrey's phone call with Michael Jordan. I'll not soon forget this moment.

— Darnay Tripp (@DarnayTripp) August 12, 2016

Kudos to Michael  Jordan for taking the opportunity to show his emulator his appreciation.

(h/t Fox Sports)

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