WATCH: Ball State Football Surprises Walk-On With Full Scholarship In This Awesome Video

In this amazing video the Ball State football team surprised walk-on senior defensive end Kyle Seger in front of all of his teammates with the news that he had earned a full scholarship. Kudos to the coach for taking the time to honor his player in such elaborate fashion.

My only qualm is why the hell is this called “The Cardinal is Right”? It’s charades, the game where you have to guess the correct word to describe something. If  the word “charades” was on the screen and someone guessed “The Price is Right”, they wouldn’t say close enough. That guy would be wrong.

Let me stay on topic though. It’s an incredible moment when his teammates and coaches are all losing their minds that he got a full ride and he still has absolutely no idea what is going on. The dude is hardcore focused on the game at hand, which is probably why his team seems to respect him so much. The coach’s speech about Kyle and then the player’s conversation with his parents are also quite heartwarming.

Now back to my random thoughts. Is Clark Barker actually Dale Earnhardt Jr. in a wig?

Clark Barker

(h/t Barstool Sports)


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