Has Anyone Else Noticed The Lawyer In 'The Night Of,' Amara Karan, Is Super Hot?

If you’re like me, you spent most of Summer Sixteen obsessively watching the new HBO hit The Night Of. A deep dive into America’s muddled criminal justice system, The Night Of is about Nasir Khan (Riz Ahmed), who after a night of partying with a female stranger, wakes up to find her stabbed to death and is charged with her murder. During the series, we are introduced to a number of characters trying to help Nasir throughout the show. One of those characters is Chandra Kapoor, one of Nasir’s lawyers, played by Amara Karan.
Amara Karanborn in 1984, is a Sri Lankan-English actress who made her debut as the love interest in Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited as the sexy train stewardess. However, since then, she has only appeared in five small films, and eight other television shows, which is a damn shame, cause she’s a certified exotic smoke. However, now that she’s got a relatively big role in a hit HBO show hopefully Hollywood will realize how talented she is, and we’ll hopefully start to see more of her.
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