Boston College QB Dedicates Upcoming Season To Harambe — ‘The Realest!’

boston college qb harambe

Boston College QB Patrick Towles deserves a great upcoming season — and we’re pretty sure the College Football Gods will be smiling down upon him after Towles announced that he’s dedicating his upcoming games to “the realest there ever was…#RIPHARAMBE!”

We’re already used to a lot of people calling for Harambe to get lots of write-in votes for President. This is a new twist, but we have to respect a guy willing to declare respek for an innocent gorilla who might very well have taken care of that little kid who’d wandered into his zoo enclosure.

Instead, of course, Harambe was viciously shot down at the Cincinnati Zoo before anybody even got to see if he was planning to tear the kid limb from limb. That national shame still hangs over us all.

Patrick, aka Patty Ice, went to his Instagram account to endorse the wild spirit of Harambe — where he’s also endorsed the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Hartfield & Co. Bourbon and dressing like Jim McMahon. We’re thinking about dedicating this season of drinking while watching college football to Patrick Towles…

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