Florida Girl Takes Snapchat Selfie With Gun, Guess What Happened Next

Regina Powell, a resident of Deltona, Florida, was trying to be cool on Snapchat with her uncle’s .40 calibre pistol… but instead of shooting a video, she shot the gun. At her head. In a garage.
Thankfully the only injuries that the 24-year-old girl sustained were minor cuts, which happened when the gun discharged and exploded the phone in her hand. We’re thinking Regina was probably aiming the gun at the camera, not her head (thankfully). Regina’s aunt heard the noise and investigated what happened, then took her niece to Florida Hospital Fish Memorial.
But get this. Apparently, smart decisions run in the family because on their way to the hospital Regina’s aunt ditched the gun while driving on Saxon Boulevard near I-4. The gun still hasn’t been found.

Nicholas Young: Full Story & Must-See Details
Nicholas Young: Full Story & Must-See Details
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