Houston Student Government VP Suspended For 'All Lives Matter' Facebook Post

The University of Houston‘s Student Government Vice President Rohini Sethi was punished by the University’s Student Senate for a Facebook posting that read “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like #AllLivesMatter.” The post (which you can see in a screenshot below) got both support and hate from students at UH.
Understandably, her post also got a lot of media attention from various news outlets.
As part of her punishment, Sethi was suspended from her student government duties for fifty days, was forced to write a “letter of reflection,” and now has to attend a diversity workshop.
Although Sethi disagrees with the repercussions, she publicly stated that she’ll go along with them. Read her public Facebook post below:

You can also read her “letter of reflection” which she also posted publicly to Facebook:

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