WATCH: Team USA Ripping On Draymond Green Over His Snapchat Fiasco Is Further Proof Famous Athletes Are Just Like Us

Draymond Green has had a really crappy couple of months. He essentially blew the finals for the Warriors due to his obsession with kickin’ dudes in the nuts. He get charged with assault. He became the 4th best player on his team after KD signed. And he also happens to be one of, if not the, ugliest dudes in the NBA (he literally looks like that ‘Ha! Got eeeem!’ guy). Well, all of that pales in comparison Draymond’s latest misstep. Either by way of stupidity or ignorance (but most likely both), Draymond uploaded a picture of his presumably hideous package to his Snapchat Story for all of his followers to see. Ya know, the type of stuff nightmares are made of.

Unfortunately for Draymond, his Team USA teammates were quick to hop on the train of sh*t coming Draymond’s way, clowning¬†on him left and right at the most recent Team USA practice.

I know I’m probably just being salty, but I’m thoroughly¬†enjoying seeing Draymond take L after L. Something about the dude rubs me the wrong way.

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