Cassandre Davis: 22 Hottest Photos of Ronaldo’s Girlfriend

Cassandre Davis, an Instagram and fitness model, has been spotted hanging around Cristiano Ronaldo–so many are calling her CR7’s new girlfriend. The truth is that the two were just hanging around a pool in Miami and probably did actually hook up, but TMZ is running with the fact that she’s his girlfriend… so there’s that. TMZ also posted a couple of photos of the two kissing, hugging, and smiling, along with an interesting anecdote.

“At one point, a smokin’ hot friend came over and began smackin’ the lady on her butt — and no one complained.”

So whether or not these rumors of dating are true, we decided to investigate a bit more. And we liked what we found.

First off, she’s American and graduated from the University of Florida, so go Gators. Second, she’s got a phenomenal behind and isn’t afraid to show it off on Instagram. Third, we doubt she’s the kind of person who’ll be hurt when CR7 skips town and finds the next dimepiece. Check out her hottest photos below.

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