WATCH: Team USA Jams Out To Vanessa Carlton’s ‘A Thousand Miles’ But Melo’s Not Amused

Instagram/ @demar_derozan

(Instagram/ @demar_derozan)

There’s no better gig than being on Team USA. You easily up your Q score and become an American hero by pulverizing countries with third-rate talent by 60 points en route to a gold medal. Which is why these guys are having the time of their lives, jamming out to Vanessa Carlton’s ‘A Thousand Miles’ on the team airplane.

Except for Carmelo Anthony, that is. Melo is about to become the first player to ever play in four Olympics (and let’s be real, also the first to win three gold medals) which means he’s officially the “get off my lawn” old man of Team USA. So while Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving and Team USA are all enjoying themselves to the 2001 pop hit in this incredible Instagram video posted by Demar DeRozan, Melo looks like he wishes he brought his parachute so he could jump off the plane.

This might even top Terry Crews’ rendition of ‘A Thousand Miles’ in White Chicks. Then again, if it weren’t for Crews’ pioneering performance it would probably still not be socially acceptable for Team USA to sing along to Vanessa Carlton.

Draymond Green also posted countless snapchats from the plane, which includes grumpy Melo calling out Kevin Durant for the enormous KD on his shirt, and Draymond ribbing “Old man rivers” Melo for already being 19 when Ruben Studdard released ‘Sorry 2004.’

thank you draymond

— James Herbert (@outsidethenba) July 30, 2016

Let’s hope the Team USA players give us some more video gems throughout the Rio games.

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