WATCH: Bubba Watson’s Caddie Eviscerates Heckler With Epic Burn

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)


Golf is usually the tamest of all the sports. Fans are required to stay silent while a player hits the ball, and expected to politely clap to show their appreciation.

But when somebody in the audience ignored that etiquette today and made a remark during Bubba Watson’s backswing during the PGA Championship, Watson’s caddie went after the jackass with the tenacity of Tupac in ‘Hit ’em Up’.

Ted Scott, the caddie for the two-time Masters champ, quickly picked out the perpetrator and, as Watson stared down the heckler, verbally assaulted him with the epic zinger, “Go back and watch in your parents’ basement. You’re better there. Tweet about it.”  Scott is among the highest paid caddies on the PGA Tour, and today he proved he’s worth every cent.

Bubba Watson has a reputation for rubbing people the wrong way and thus he was voted the least popular player on the PGA Tour among his peers. So it’s fitting that his caddie is also an absolute savage.

The next jerk who wants to say something while Bubba takes a shot is definitely going to think twice. Now somebody get Ted Scott a spot on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle.


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