New Movie Trailers: ‘Hacksaw Ridge,’ ‘The Accountant,’ And More… [VIDEO]

hacksaw ridge trailer video

The 2016 San Diego Comic Con sent out so many trailers last week that it’ll be a while before we see a new one for a superhero movie. The good news is that some real prestige productions can now step up for awards season — and even the trashiest movie here is directed by a real god of Asian cinema. Take a look at a fine mix of cinematic sneak peeks….

Hacksaw Ridge

We’ve already looked at Mel Gibson trying to come back as a movie star in Blood Father — but he’s getting a lot more attention as a director with Hacksaw Ridge. This trailer is certainly a reminder that he’s one of the best directors to ever come around from being in front of the camera. There’s a lot of great imagery here. It’s also a WWII story about a pacifist, so the movie might even be politically correct. Don’t worry, though. Andrew Garfield is playing a peace-loving medic in the bloodiest battle of the war…

The Accountant

Ben Affleck doesn’t exactly need a comeback nowadays, but this movie sure looks a lot classier than what we expected from another sterile crime drama. The sterility seems to work in this tale of a guy with serious social issues who freelances as an accountant for the world’s most dangerous criminal organizations — but we’re also pretty sure there’s a message here about how the real crooks are legitimate corporations…

The Great Wall

Who’s going to save China from a great threat over 1,000 years ago? Matt Damon! Yeah, there’ll be some complaints about that, but Matt’s really just a token white guy in this epic Chinese production that reveals the Great Wall was really built to save the region from monsters. Really big monsters, too. Probably dragons, but we can’t be too sure from this trailer. The movie’s directed by Zhang Yimou, too, who gave us House of Flying Daggers….


And here’s a trailer for a movie that you don’t want to see, but it’s a great look at a plastic-surgery disaster. We were at a film festival where Ithaca screened, and nobody could believe that Meg Ryan directed a WWII drama where she also starred while sporting a rebuilt face straight out of 2015. It’s damn distracting.  Not even a Tom Hanks cameo can save this one. Seriously, there hasn’t been anything this bad since Cher got Botoxed into a frozen face that made 1996’s Faithful practically unreleasable…

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