Ella Rose: 22 Hottest Photos of Julian Edelman Ex-Girlfriend

Ella Rose, a Swedish swimsuit model and the former girlfriend of New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman, claims that Edelman is the father of her unborn baby. Rose filed a paternity suit in a Los Angeles court earlier this week and claims that she’s confident Julian is the daddy. Apparently, the two had had a casual relationship for around two years and that she’s five-and-a-half months pregnant.
The timing of the announcement is a little weird, considering that Edelman was recently seen in Nantucket holding hands with Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima. Is Ella Rose jealous, or just making sure that she’s taken care of once she has the baby? Honestly, it’s probably just bad timing.

Edelman’s got a little bit of a reputation for being a player (off the field), so it was honestly just a matter of time before he got caught. Jules, just because you’re on the Patriots with Tom Brady doesn’t mean that you’re as invincible as TB12. In fact, it makes you a target.
Reportedly, Ella intends on having the child in Massachusetts and that Edelman now admits the child is his. Check out Ella’s hottest photos in the gallery below.

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