Karen Fukuhara: Hottest Photos On The Internet Of Katana From Suicide Squad

Karen Fukuhara is about to go from obscurity to superstardom really quickly. Karen plays Katana in Suicide Squad, which just so happens to be her first-ever film role. Talk about the quick come up.
Karen Fukuhara was born in Los Angeles, California. While attending UCLA, she continued to work on Japanese television shows, most notably those on the Disney Channel
In Suicide Squad, Fukuhara will be playing Katana, the soul-stealing samurai anti-hero. Speaking to Playboy about playing Katana, Fukuhara said:

“As a first-generation Japanese American, I’ve always wanted to play a samurai warrior like my Suicide Squad character, Katana. Samurai are almost always male, so growing up in America I had a hard time figuring out role models. Katana and I may not have the same personality, but coming from the same cultural upbringing, we share core values. In Japanese culture, there’s this idea of putting others before yourself, but I’ve also never wanted to let myself down. Someone recently told me how refreshing it is to see an Asian woman as a superhero. That stuck with me. Stand up for yourself and what you love.”

At only 24 years old, and a major film debut under her belt, let’s hope Karen sticks around for years to come, superhero or not.











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