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Gucci Mane Everybody Looking Stream
Gucci’s newest album Everybody’s Looking officially dropped, just two months after the rapper was released from prison. So if you’re a fan of everything Guwop, go ahead and start streaming the record now. After a quick listen, it doesn’t seem like Gucci’s lost a step since he was jailed for gun possession and terroristic threats against policemen.
He might have even gotten quicker, a benefit to beating his addiction to lean. He told the New York Times in an exclusive interview that it wasn’t easy to get clean. “Your body just craving lean bad. Stomach tore up, can’t think straight. Just mad at the world. Temper so short, so violent, so aggressive. So just rude and toxic.”
Everybody’s Looking has a couple of features from big names like Drake, Kanye and Young Thug but for the most part it’s business as usual for LaFlare.

Stream Everybody’s Looking

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Everybody’s Looking Track List

1. No Sleep – Intro
2. Out Do Ya
3. Back on the Road (feat. Drake)
4. Waybach
5. P**** Print (feat. Kanye West)
6. Pop Music
7. Guwop Home (feat. Young Thug)
8. Gucci Please
9. Robbed
10. Richest N**** in the Room
11. 1st Day Out Tha Feds
12. At Leas a M
13. All My Children
14. Pick Up The Pieces (Outro)
15. Mulit Millionaire Laflare (Bonus Track)

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