Here’s What We Know About The New 2TB Xbox One S


Xbox One S 2TB

We finally know more about the Xbox One S unit coming out this summer, including a release date, the price, and the specifics about the console.

In addition to being the most compact Xbox yet (40% smaller than the first Xbox One), Xbox One S is the first and only console that allows you to watch Blu-ray movies and stream video in stunning 4K Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range (HDR). The Xbox One S also offers HDR support for video and gaming so your games look crisper and even better than before. The console also ships with the new Xbox Wireless Controller with enhanced comfort and feel featuring textured grip, improved range and Bluetooth technology.

What’s New?

First of all, the new Xbox One S is white–not black. Second, apparently the Xbox One S is going to be able to stand vertically, something the first one couldn’t. Third, it’s 40% smaller than the previous version of the Xbox One.

As for the insides, the biggest upgrade in our minds is that you can now stream video in 4K. There’s a new controller with different, enhanced grips, and a third USB slot has been moved, in addition to a new IR blaster.

Release Date

The Xbox One S 2TB = will be available for purchase on August 2nd and the launch edition (2TB Hard Drive) is now available for preorder on There are a couple of different options (Gears of War 4 2 TB Edition, 2 TB Edition, 1 T, 500 GB Edition), that will release later in the year, but the 2TB version is the only one that will release on August 2nd.

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