RNC Cleveland 2016: Full List of Speakers & Schedule

RNC Cleveland Speech Schedules

The list of speakers for the 2016 Republican National Convention has been a much-discussed topic of conversation this week. Earlier in the month, Donald Trump had promised an A-list of speakers and celebrities who would appear at the RNC 2016 Cleveland. People like the UFC’s Dana White, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and Peter Thiel have all guaranteed that they’ll be speaking at Quicken Arena.

The convention–which will be held from July 18th to the 21st–will have different themes each day and it’s our understanding that all of the speeches will reflect the theme of the day: Make America Safe Again (Monday), Make America Work Again (Tuesday), Make America First Again (Wednesday), Make America One Again (Thursday).

Tuesday – Make America Work Again

The RNC will restart on Tuesday, July 19th at 5:30 PM EST. Here is the list of speakers and schedule of events/remarks.

Convention Called To Order – Reince Priebus

Presentation of the Colors – Cleveland Police Department

Pledge of Allegiance – Patriotic National Ambassadors

The National Anthem – Dan Polk

Invocation – Harmeet Dhillon

Nomination Process for Presidential Candidate – Speaker Paul Ryan

Nominating Speeches – The Hon. Chris Collins & The Hon. Henry McMaster

Roll Call of the States – Speaker Paul Ryan & Susie Hudson

Statement of the Rules Regarding Requirements for Nomination of Vice-Presidential Candidate – Mitch McConnell

Vice Presidential Nominating Speech – TBA

Remarks – Sharon Day (Co-Chair of RNC)
Remarks – Dana White (President of UFC)
Remarks – Asa Hutchinson (Governor)
Remarks – Leslie Rutledge (Attorney General)
Remarks – Michael Mukasey (Former US Attorney General)
Remarks – Andy Wist (Businessman)
Remarks – Ron Johnson (US Senator)
Remarks – Chris Cox (Former Commissioner of the SEC)
Remarks – Natalie Gulbis (Golfer)
Remarks – Mitch McConnell (Temporary Chair)
Remarks – Members of the US Senate
Remarks – Paul Ryan (Permanent Chair)
Remarks – Kevin McCarthy (House Majority Leader)
Remarks – Chris Christie (Governor)
Remarks – Tiffany Trump
Remarks – Kerry Woolard (GM of Trump Winery)
Remarks – Donald Trump, JR
Remarks – Shelley Moore Capito (US Senator)
Remarks – Dr. Ben Carson
Remarks – Kimberlin Brown (Actress)
Remarks – Sajid Tarar (Founder of American Muslims for Trump)

Wednesday – Make America First Again

The RNC will restart on Wednesday, July 20th at 7:20 PM EST. Here is the list of speakers and schedule of events/remarks.

Convention Called To Order – Reince Priebus

Presentation of the Colors – Local Boy Scout Troop

Pledge of Allegiance – Margo Hudson

The National Anthem – Abby Paskvan

Invocation – Nathan Johnson

Remarks – Laura Ingraham (The Eric Trump Foundation)
Video – Trump We Know
Remarks – Phil Ruffin (Businessman)
Remarks – The Hon. Pam Bondi (Attorney General)
Video – Apollo 11 Anniverary
Remarks – Col. Eileen Collins, Ret (First Female Commander, US Space Shuttle)
Video – The Plan is Real
Remarks – Michelle Van Etten (Women in Business for Trump)
Remarks – The Hon. Ralph Alvarado Jr. (State Senator)
Remarks – Darrell Scott (Senior Pastor, New Spirit Revival Center Ministries)
Remarks – The Hon. Scott Walker (Governor)
Video – Lynne Patton: The Trump Family I Know
Remarks – Lynne Patton (The Eric Trump Foundation)
Video – Senator Marco Rubio
Remarks – The Hon. Ted Cruz (US Senator)
Video – My Father Donald Trump
Remarks – Eric Trump
Remarks – The Hon. New Gingrich & Callista Gingrich
Remarks – The Hon. Mike Pence (VP Nominee and Governor)
Benediction – His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios (Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and Exarch of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans)

Thursday – Make America One Again

The RNC will restart on Thursday, July 21st at 7:20 PM EST. Here is the list of speakers and schedule of events/remarks.

Convention Called to Order – Reince Priebus

Entertainment – Heavenly Joy

Presentation of the Colors – VFW Post #6846

Pledge of Allegiance – TBA

The National Anthem – Ayla Brown

Invocation – Reverend Dr. Steve Bailey

Remarks – Fran Tarkenton (Former NFL QB)
Remarks – Brock Mealer
Video – We Win Because
Remarks – The Hon. Marsha Blackburn (US Representative)
Remarks – The Hon. Mary Fallin (Governor)
Remarks – Dr. Lisa Shin (Korean Americans for Trump)
Video – Where You Lead
Video – Built to Win
Remarks – Reince Priebus
Remarks – Jerry Falwell, Jr. (President of Liberty University)
Remarks – Peter Thiel (Entrepreneur)
Remarks – Tom Barrack (CEO, Colony Capital)
Video – Donald Trump
Remarks – Ivanka Trump
Remarks – Donald J. Trump
Benediction – Roger W. Gries


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