The NCAA is Considering Eliminating Kickoffs From College Football

The American Football Coaches Association and the NCAA D1 Football Oversight Committee are in talks of potentially getting rid of kickoffs from collegiate football games. The main reason being to improve players safety.

AFCA executive director Todd Berry is quoted saying that he is “excited we’re starting to have this discussion”.  He also stated that, “It looks like the data is skewed where we have more injuries on that play. If that’s the case, we have to look at eliminating the play, modifying the play, change blocking schemes.” Basically saying that a large portion of injuries happen during kickoffs.

Dennis Dodd, a CBS Sports analyst, mentioned in his article that Pop Warner, a youth football organization, banned kickoffs from all youth division teams age 10 and under (possibly sparking the NCAA discussion to eliminate kicksoffs). But I find that completely irrelevant to this situation. The reason Pop Warner banned kickoffs for ages 10 and under is because those kids aren’t experienced enough to know how to protect their bodies during a collision in order to avoid injuries. These college athletes already know the fundamentals of tackling and the tactics to use in order reduce the chances of injury.

Stupid. Don’t do it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I understand the “players safety” angle, but injuries are just a part of football. You don’t play the sport if you’re not willing to put your life on the line. The way I see it, there is zero chance of this happening. The opening kick-off is a huge part of collegiate football and I don’t see it going away any time soon. Some traditions are just to sacred to change.

Twitter seems to agree;

Possibly no kickoff in college football? Wow! Whats nxt, no dunk in basketball, home run in baseball, hole in 1 in golf, hat trick in hockey

— Barry Noble (@BarryNoble1) July 19, 2016


stupid idea….

— Terry Cook (@cooktpc75) July 18, 2016

Discussions about eliminating kickoffs in college football have begun: Clemson is fronting the anti-kickoff campaign

— CFB News (@CFBLiveNews) July 18, 2016

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