Homeless Teen Bikes 50 Miles to College & Sleeps in Tent

A couple days ago two officers found teen, Fred Barley, sleeping in a tent outside of a local college. After speaking with him, the two officers learned that Barley had biked six hours in order to register for classes at Gordon State College. He made the trip on a bike he borrowed from his little brother, while carrying two giant duffel bags and a couple gallons of water.

You can watch the news report of 19-year old Fred Barley below:

It won’t take long for his story to go viral and for people to start feeling guilty about all the stupid shit they complain about on a daily basis. Now I feel bad about all the times I was too “tired” to make the 10-minute trip from my dorm room to class. Simply; If there’s a will, there’s a way.

There’s also a Go Fund Me page for the teen called “Success for Fred”. You can donate here.

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