These Are All The Best Memes From The Hillary Clinton “Spicy Boi” Movement


spicy boi memes

One of the most bizarre/hilarious internet memes started this weekend, with hundreds of thousands of people flocking to Hillary Clinton’s Instagram to comment the words “Spicy Boi”. The story of how this all happened is quite long and convoluted, so here are the basics:

The SpicyBoi raid was led by the iFunny account EpilepsyWarning. EpilepsyWarning first started spicy boi by renaming the “fire ant” on Wikipedia to “SpicyBoi”, which in turn led to his followers to renaming other words on Wikipedia to “SpicyBoi”, until Wikipedia banned the word “SpicyBoi” all together.

If you want more details on this whole movement, check out our full story on it when you get the chance, but for now, just enjoy the epic memes.


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