Best Game Accessories 2016: Top 5 Best Gaming Accessories Now

With all the energy, hype and discussion that goes in to games, comparably little is devoted to the way you’ll be playing them. Gaming accessories help max out the enjoyment you get out of your favorite games, enhancing the way your games sound, respond and feel. To get the most out of your gaming library, you’ll need the best controllers, headsets and chargers.

Here’s a look at the best gaming accessories available right now:

5. Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade stick TES+

Works with: PS4, PS3

Most serious PS4 fighting gamers up their game with a stick geared specifically for fighters, and many hold this baby to be the best of the bunch. Optimized for Street Fighter V, the stick also allows for excellent response time and customizable controls for other fighting games, and is also a favorite for Mortal Kombat X players.

ORDER: Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade Stick here

4. HORI Screen Protective Filter

Platforms: New 3DS XL

If you’ve sprung for a top-of-the-line Nintendo handheld, you’ll want to make sure to protect it from screen scratches. HORI offers a cheap, durable film that’s easy to apply without leaving any nagging bubbles, keeping your on-the-go gaming clear and sharp.

ORDER: HORI Screen Protective Filter here

3. Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

Works on: Xbox One

Microsoft went all out in crafting a controller that would live up to the “elite” moniker. Hair trigger locks allow for faster firing, interchangeable paddles and an in-console app that lets you map out controls to your liking is all you need to dominate online opponents. The $150 price tag is tough, but you won’t find many gamers who regret the purchase.

ORDER: Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller here

2. Findway Dual Charging Station

Works with: PS4

The dreaded low battery notification is a nightmare when you’re in deep and don’t want to take an hour break to recharge. Make sure your controllers always have juice by keeping them docked in a charging station like this. Findway’s model lets you charge two controllers and is as cheap and effective as they come.

ORDER: Findway Dual Charging Station here

1. Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Headset

Works with: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Garnering stellar reviews for sound quality, comfort and durability, this is the best headset you’re likely to find. The $200 investment is heavy, but ensuring your comfort and audio quality over the long haul is worth it if you’ve got the funds available.

ORDER: Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Headset here

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