This Norm MacDonald Monologue From The 1998 ESPY Awards Got Him Literally Banned From ESPN

I was stumbling around the internet this morning (cause it’s like my job. You jealous?) and I came across this article on RSVLTS about this relatively obscure Norm MacDonald monologue from the 1998 ESPY Awards. I didn’t know much about it, but the title had me hooked (well done, boys), so I gave it a watch. What followed was eight-and-a-half minutes of pure hilarity.

Upon further research, however, I found out that this monologue isn’t obscure at all. In fact, it’s quite legendary. Just look at all these articles praising the greatness that was this moment in sports history:
What a complete 180 from this year’s relatively benign monologue from John Cena. MacDonald absolutely destroyed these clowns. It’s pretty damn offensive too, just proving how much has changed in the last two decades. The dude says “You should go back to Japan, you dirty foreigner” on national television. It’s safe to say that would definitely not fly in today’s society. But even back then, MacDonald’s routine was so visceral, that ESPN literally banned him. ESPN really got soft on us.

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