WATCH: The Rock Essentially Confirms He Will Run For President If That’s What The People Want

Couple weeks ago I brought you the story of The Rock acknowledging the notion of him running for President of the United States. Now, about three weeks later, he’s gone far beyond acknowledging to virtually confirming and accepting.

Speaking to Michael Strahan on Good Morning America, The People’s Champ addressed the sneakily growing desire of the public for him to run for President. The Rock first addressed the idea of him running for President on Instagram after see an article in The Washington Post about his potential run. Not to brag … well, actually, yeah this is 100% bragging, but I was one of the first people on the “The Rock for President” train. The Washington Post article was published on June 7th, but over a month before that, I suggested the idea on Facebook:

See, told you. Anyway, the Rock further elaborated on the idea this past week o GMA:

“The idea of me being┬áPresident one day has become a legit thing to some people. As time goes on, we take the temperature of the American people, and if it is an overwhelming, positive, strong, ‘We want you to run for President’, and if I felt I could step up to the plate, and become a tremendous leader, and make a real difference and make change, I would do it.”

BANG! My f*ckin dude! Check out the interview below. Might as well: The Rock and Strahan are two of my most likable people in show business.


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