These Are The Schools Sending The Most Team USA Athletes To Rio

Call us homers or patriots, but we believe that Team USA is going to absolutely dominate the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics. America’s commitment to excelling at sports is something our country takes great pride in. But what thrills us even more is the fact that an overwhelming majority of these athletes aren’t just turning professional at the age of 18–most of them attended college for at least a full year.

Out of the estimated 550 Team USA Olympians, more than 430 of them are/were college athletes. That’s a number we, as a country, should be extremely proud of. These are students you can see on campus and take classes with–something that’s pretty unique.

Update 8/2/2016: We now know the full list of current student athletes competing in the Rio Summer 2016 Olympics for all countries, so go ahead and check out that list in the link below.

One of the advantages these American college athletes will have over the other competitors is that their experiences on college campuses will definitely have prepared them for the dangers of Rio. Zika, awful living conditions, and being surrounded by thousands of other athletes partying during their down time is nothing compared to STDs, freshman dorm life, and college students every day of the week.

Coincidentally, a lot of the Team USA athletes would have competed against each other as collegiate athletes. A good deal of them will return to school this Fall and go right back to competing against each other. But for the next month or so, these Olympians will put their school rivalries to the side and compete for the Red, White and Blue.

So which schools are sending the most athletes to the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics? We searched through the official Team USA website and compiled a list of all the athletes and where they attend(ed) college. We’ve listed the schools with the most athletes for you in the photo gallery, but below those pictures we’ve also included a longer and more comprehensive list.

**The final roster for Team USA Olympians has been announced and the post is now complete. We’ve updated this list and will continue to do so if any changes are made. Keep in mind that a couple of these students have transferred schools, so in the spirit of inclusivity, we’ve given credit to both schools. Also these are only Team USA athletes who attended schools. This list does not include students in American colleges competing for foreign countries.**

American Colleges and Universities Sending Most Team USA Athletes To The Olympics

Here’s a more complete list of the colleges and universities that are sending current students or graduates to the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics to compete for Team USA.

Stanford University: 30

Penn State University: 14
UC-Berkeley: 14

UCLA: 13
USC: 13

UNC: 12
Texas: 12

Princeton: 11
University of Washington: 11
Oregon: 11

UGA: 10

Florida: 9

Michigan: 8

Notre Dame: 7
Tennessee: 7
UVA: 7

Indiana: 6
Oklahoma: 6
UConn: 6
Arkansas: 6
Dartmouth College: 6
Wisconsin: 6

ASU: 5
Duke: 5
Minnesota: 5
Texas A&M: 5
Yale: 5

FSU: 4
Harvard: 4
Nebraska: 4
Northern Michigan: 4
Purdue: 4
University of Arizona: 4
University of Colorado-Colorado Springs: 4

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