Uh Oh, Now Convicted Sex Offenders Are Playing Pokemon Go With Kids

Randy Zuick Pokemon Go

If parents weren’t already scared enough of the insanity that is Pokemon Go, this newest story coming out of Indiana is probably going to convince them to confiscate their kids’ phones.

Convicted sex offender Randy Zuick was arrested yesterday outside the Hancock County courthouse for playing Pokemon Go with a 16-year-old. The terms of Randy’s probation specifically prohibit him from interacting with anyone under 18-years-old either IRL or electronically.

Who Is Randy Zuick?

We’re sure he’s just a really sweet guy who got caught up in some nonsense, right?

Zuick pleaded guilty in April to fondling a young girl that his girlfriend was babysitting, a felony. He was sentenced to probation as well as having to register as a sex offender.

Oh wait, nevermind… This guy is complete creep.

What Happened?

Randy Zuick was playing Pokemon Go on the lawn outside the courthouse, along with a 16-year-old. According to Fox29, a probation officer recognized Randy (who was violating the terms of his probation) and ran inside to have one of the guards arrest him.

Playing with the teen violated the terms of a plea agreement Zuick agreed to three months ago in a child molestation case. He pleaded guilty to a Level 4 felony charge of child molesting for fondling a child under 14 and remains on sex-offender probation, which prohibits him from interacting with children, court records say [source].

Randy will face a judge today, and his probation could be repealed–meaning that he could be stuck playing a completely different type of “Pokey-man” in jail.

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