Darya Klishina: Hottest Photos Of Russian Long Jumper Competing Under Neutral Flag

Darya Klishina is a 25-year-old long jumper from Tver, Russia, and she is currently in the middle of a heated Olympic debate. Russia’s track and field team got busted for state-sponsored doping, making them ineligible for the 2016 Summer Olympics. But Darya was able to demonstrate to the International Association of Athletics Federation that she was clean, and they’ll allow her to compete in Rio under a neutral flag. Over 80 Russian athletes pleaded their case to the IAAF, but only Darya and whistleblower Yulia Stepanova have been cleared. Darya and Yulia still need approval from the International Olympic Committee, but they look to be in good shape.

Darya accepting to compete under a neutral flag has many Russians absolutely pissed. Lots of people are calling her a traitor, and I’m sure the fact that she lives and trains in the U.S. isn’t helping matters either. But as far as I’m concerned, Darya can represent any flag she damn well pleases. I don’t even care if she was pumped with more drugs than Ivan Drago. Check out 22 of her hottest photos, and try to tell me with a straight face that you don’t want to see the gorgeous Darya Klishina in Rio.
Update: Darya was actually all set to compete for Russia until the IAAF banned her on August 13. She immediately appealed the decision and was reinstated on August 15, which was just a day before the long jump qualifications were set to begin. Darya was still able to advance to the finals, but she would fall well short of medaling, finishing in a disappointing ninth place.











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