WATCH: ‘Pokémon GO: The Movie’ — Google Maps’ Big-Budget Production [VIDEO]

pokemon go google maps april fool video

The Pokémon GO app is up and running — and we’re running into plenty of adults pacing along with their eyes intently on their phones. We mean, even more so than usual when we’re just trying to get around New York City.

But now there’s something else to watch, since Google Maps pretty much made Pokémon GO: The Movie as an April Fool’s gag back in 2014. Although they left out finding a dead guy.

As seen in the video below, the Google gang thought they were being funny when they sent people out all over the world to use Google Maps to track down the real-life Pokémon running around the world. Little did they know that it would only take two years before people were stumbling around both Prague and Brooklyn in pursuit of real (kinda) Pokémon in global settings.

Take a look and enjoy what’s going on inside the heads of all the people who are rushing around this weekend. It’s more action-packed than watching them walk into street signs…

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