Hannah Davis Married Derek Jeter — We're In Mourning [PHOTOS]

Hannah Davis got married to Derek Jeter yesterday — just as we were dreading. It seems that the bikini model just couldn’t get over how Derek, who’s way too old for 26-year-old Hannah at 42, won five World Series while spending 20 seasons with the Yankees. That doesn’t seem so great to us. We’re pretty sure five out of 20 is just a 25% success rate. Math is hard.
And yet the Sports Illustrated model (and video star) is officially off the market after having her promised modest wedding ceremony in weekend in Napa, California. The New York Post even put the disaster on their front page…

ny post hannah davis derek jeter

Yeah, it’s sad — but not as sad as watching Hannah be Derek’s date when he makes it into the Hall of Fame in 2020. But you know what cheers us up? Memories of Hannah and her DirecTV ad from last year. We celebrated the video at the time, but maybe this is a good day to look back at some preserved moments. It has to beat seeing more wedding photos…

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