New Movie Trailers: Mad Mel Gibson Returns, Frat Drama ‘Goat’ And More [VIDEOS]

mel gibson blood father movie trailer video

We’re really settling into the summer film season now — although it won’t really feel like it’s happening until Ghostbusters hits the screens next week. That should cause some social unrest. Of course, we’re not exactly in the Summer of Love right now, either. Maybe that’s why our favorite trailer of the week features the return of a certain unhinged actor who looks ready to return to his glory days….

Blood Father

Yes, Mel Gibson is back in theaters after a lot of controversy — and film critics are freaking out because Blood Father looks really good as an old-guy actioner. They’re not sure if they’re allowed to say nice things about a Mel Gibson movie. Mel’s playing an ex-con who’d protecting his estranged daughter from a drug cartel, and it sure looks a lot better than Taken 3. A cool cast, too, and Mel looks set to prove he could’ve handed the lead in Fury Road….


Nick Jonas makes a second try for film stardom after Careful What  You Wish For barely got released — despite featuring some really hot scenes with Isabel Lucas. Now the former pop star is starring in a fraternity drama that we suspect isn’t going to be terribly fair to frat culture. At least the plot isn’t ripped right from the pages of Rolling Stone. Instead, it’s about a guy pledging with his brother, but things still get unhinged…


Daniel Radcliffe keeps changing up his post-Harry Potter game with more weird roles — here playing an ambitious FBI agent out to take down a radical right-wing terrorist group. It looks pretty good, but we’re baffled at how the official synopsis says that Radcliffe’s character “must confront the challenge of sticking to a new identity while maintaining his real principles.” Sounds like the guy finds something appealing about being a right-wing terrorist…..

Search Party

And here’s a movie that we’ve already watched on Blu-Ray, so we’re thinking this comedy won’t get a big theatrical release. This NSFW trailer still makes a good case for he film — starring Adam Pally, T.J. Miller, and Alison Brie — deserving a shot at becoming a sleeper hit. There’s a screenwriter revisiting Hangover territory here, but it’s still a fun tale of a guy who breaks up his best friend’s wedding, only to endure merry hijinks in the Mexican desert while trying to save the grieving groom’s life….

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