Hannah Davis — Weekend Wedding To Derek Jeter? [PICS + GIFS]

hannah davis wedding derek jeter

Hannah Davis may finally prove she’s serious about being engaged to Derek Jeter by making him an honest man this weekend. Gossip sites are storming over reports that Jeter — now 42 years old and washed up and not good enough for Hannah — will be marrying his 26-year-old fiancée this weekend in Napa, California. [UPDATE: Yeah, it happened.]

That’s smart, too, because now we don’t have time for a dramatic cross-country road trip where we race to tell the Sports Illustrated model (and cover girl) that Derek just isn’t right for him and her true love is really us. Or, more likely, the leading man in the passenger seat. We’d just be the wacky best friend who convinces him to break up the wedding. Maybe we’d hook up with a bridesmaid.

Anyway, the ceremony is supposed to be nice and simple — just like Hannah has been promising all these years. She’s not really a diva type, you know.

And we all saw this coming, too. The couple have been getting along for ages, including a charming Halloween Instagram snap. Also, Hannah recently admitted that she had a Vera Wang dress for the ceremony. You don’t waste a Vera Wang dress. You don’t waste a collection of hot Hannah Davis gifs, either — even if she might be becoming a married woman today. These gifs still seem strangely comforting…

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