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A ‘Fellatio Cafe’ Just Opened In Switzerland, And I’ve Already Bought My Plane Ticket To Geneva


F*ckin’ Switzerland, man. They just got it allllll figured out don’t they. First their world famous neutrality, and now this: a new Swiss café will allow customers to order oral sex with their cup of coffee. That’s right, a BJ with your coffee beans.

The $45 (?!?!?!?) deal will be offered at the shop in Geneva which is due to open at the end of the year. Customers will be able to order a coffee,  and then magically select a prostitute using an iPad. The firm that plans to set up the café, Facegirl. Bradley Chavet, who represents Facegirl, told Swiss newspaper  that men will LITERALLY  be able to order a drink and then make themselves comfortable at the café’s bar, and then catch a quick beej.

I hope none of you enjoy my articles, because this will be the last one I ever write, as my flight to Switzerland leaves in a couple of hours.

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