Meet The Savage 61 Year Old Former Boxer Who Fought A Black Bear And Won

Rick Nelson a 61 year old former boxer, was walking his dog on Sunday in Sudbury, Canada, when a f*cking bear cub suddenly appeared from behind a log. And if you’ve ever seen The Revenant, you know that when a cub is near, so is Momma bear. Mother bears are notoriously defensive of their young, as as a former bear hunter, Rick knew this. Right Away. I mean, if you’re going to have to fight a bear, might as well be a former bear hunter and boxer, right? According to CBC News:

‘I knew right away I was in trouble,’ he said. ‘It’s calling for mommy.’

Once he realized what was happening, he looked around and instantly heard the sound of the mother bear scurrying through the bushes to get to her baby cub. He had no time for flight; his only option was fight. And fight he did. He had to face down the black bear which appeared, which was already standing on her hind legs.

‘I knew it would swing first with its left but it would really come with its right, because most bears are right-handed,’ Rick said.

Okay, STOP: this guy is such a badass that while he is literally staring in the face of possible death, he is strategizing how to fight the beast. I can barely figure out what I want for lunch after I stub my toe, let alone plan my attack while fighting a bear.
Rick’s first swing was off target, hitting the bear in the teeth. The bear came back at him, slashing his chest and face. But Rick wasn’t done yet:

‘I had the perfect shot to take,’ he said. ‘I did an underhand and hit it right in the snout.’

Yupp, that’s right, my dude Rick literally dropped a bear with an uppercut. After that, the baby cub cried out for help, which gave Rick his out. Instead of continuing the fight, the momma bear went to find her baby cub.
Rick, you’re a badass, but even you have to admit you dodged a bullet. Some would even say you dodged a “bear” of a bullet. HA! I’m f*cking hilarious (someone help me).

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