Conspiracy Theorist Man Arrested For Throwing Bombs At Google Headquarters

Raul Murillo Diaz, a 30-year-old Oakland man was arrested early Thursday morning for allegedly attacking Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California with Molotov cocktails. Diaz launched two of the flaming projectiles (Blue Moon beer bottles) one of which still had the wick attached—at a Google building on May 19th. The cocktails impacted near a Google Street View car. The car was undamaged, but a fire broken out behind it.

Police are investigating whether Diaz is behind two other recent Google-related crimes. Yes, there have been a string of “Google-related crimes”. It seems they have found their man. The first was an immolation of a self-driving car and a shooting that targeted the company’s office windows. Conveniently enough, surveillance footage from both crimes show the same 2004 Volkswagen Tourareg. This is the same car that Diaz drives.

 Now here’s the good part: when questioned by police, Diaz said that he “felt Google was watching him and it made him upset,” and that he kept journals documenting when he felt he was being watched. Granted, I’ll even admit that Google probably has way more power than they should, but this takes paranoia to a whole new level. This guy literally had a journal, which I like to imagine was titled “Times I’m Bugging” where this loon wrote down every time he felt like he was being watch.

[h/t Gizmodo]

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