Here’s What The FBI Said About Hillary’s Email Controversy

Hillary Clinton FBI Investigation

Hillary Clinton‘s use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State has been well-documented and today FBI Director James Comey spoke about the official investigation in an 11 AM EST press conference.

There was a lot of talk before the press conference about whether or not the FBI would recommend a criminal case against Hillary, so the press conference was probably watched by millions of Americans. It was understood that Attorney General Loretta Lynch would accept the FBI’s recommendation in regards to whether or not to press charges against Secretary Clinton.

What Happened?

In a relatively short press conference, Director Comey spoke about how his FBI team combed through the private emails of Hillary Clinton and her team. He said that the probe acted apolitically and that they combed through all of her emails that they could find.

Director Comey stated that Hillary and her aides provided the FBI with thousands of emails, then deleted their servers and devices. Those emails will never be recovered.

The nature of the press conference was surprising to many security experts, but the fact remains that the circumstances surrounding the case were too large to ignore.

What Did They Find?

Director Comey admitted that while Hillary and her team didn’t knowingly act illegally, they did send and receive classified information via the private email servers. Director Comey did not recommend that Secretary Clinton be tried in a criminal case. “No charges are appropriate.”

Director Comey did, however, state that there was evidence Clinton and her team were extremely careless. Of the thousands of personal and work emails reviewed, around 110 of them were found to have contained classified information. In addition, there was no full-time security team devoted to the email server–something that could even be found on something like Gmail.

There is no evidence that shows Secretary Clinton’s emails had been successfully hacked. There was evidence that people in close contact with Secretary Clinton’s had been hacked.

They have concluded their probe of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

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