FBI Hillary Clinton Press Conference Live Stream: Watch Online For Free

Watch the live stream of FBI Director James Comey‘s press conference about Hillary Clinton HERE or HERE.

Today, on Tuesday morning at 11 AM EST, FBI Director James Comey is giving a press conference discussing their findings in the investigation of Hillary Clinton. The press conference comes just three days after completing a 3.5 hour interview with the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was under investigation for her use of a private email server and the handling of classified information.

The FBI says Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” in handling classified information, however, they believe she should not face criminal charges. Since the Department of Justice will be taking over the case, the FBI recommends not to bring charges against Clinton.


Major Findings From The Investigation

-FBI Director Comey admitted that while Hillary and her team didn’t knowingly act illegally, they did send and receive classified information via the private email servers.

“Although we did not find clear evidence. There is evidence that they were extremely careless of very sensitive, highly classified information,” said Comey.

-Director Comey recommended that no charges should be filed again Hillary Clinton,

-Director Comey stated that there was evidence Clinton and her team were “extremely careless”. Of the thousands of personal and work emails reviewed, around 110 of them were found to have contained classified information.

-The FBI has concluded their probe of Hillary Clinton’s emails, and are passing the investigation to the Department of Justice to make a prosecutorial decision.

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