Chi Phi Fraternity Opens It’s Doors to Transgender Members

Chi Phi fraternity has taken it upon themselves to update their membership policy to accept transgender and transsexual members.

Dubbed as “one of the oldest college fraternities in the United States”, Chi Phi announced in a press-release that they are now going to allow membership to any individual who legally identifies as male. Sam Borchart, the fraternity’s Committee of Membership chairman, was quoted saying that “our Fraternity and its individual members want to make Chi Phi more inclusive”.

The press-release states that the act “was student driven”, so I did a little digging. It took me 30 seconds to find the incident which took place at the Ohio Wesleyan University that may have sparked the committees decision to make the change. You can read the story by clicking here. In short, a student believes he was dropped by Chi Phi because he is transgender. If you read the entire article, you may find it a little ironic (or even funny) that the guy was dropped due to his documents stating that he is legally a female, and assuming his birth certificate has not been updated, he still won’t be able to become a member of Chi Phi even after this change.

Honestly, I highly doubt many transgender and transsexual students are excited about the fact that they finally have the opportunity to rush a fraternity. I mean, what was stopping them before? It simply hasn’t been a problem. So the fact that board members are hoping that “this opens the door to further discussion about inclusivity” is kind of annoying. They’re obviously just milking this small victory in order to avoid dealing with real issues that may be surrounding their fraternity and the Greek system as a whole.

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