WATCH: Zachary Quinto Pays Tribute To Anton Yelchin [VIDEO]

zachary quinto anton yelchin tribute colbert video

Stephen Colbert had Zachary Quinto as his guest last night, and it was the first time that anyone plugged Star Trek Beyond since the sudden death of Anton Yelchin. The entire cast had earlier canceled an appearance at the Cannes Lions ceremony out of respect for the late Chekhov — who also went out with a really good role in The Green Room. More people need to be seeing that one.

Anyway, that left Zachary getting the job of being the first Star Trek cast member to be out promoting the movie while also paying tribute to their late colleague.

Zachary sure isn’t the type of guy who’d be awkward about that — although he must have been preparing himself for several months to be talking about the 2015 passing of Leonard Nimoy instead.

The actor did a fine job, too, and we’re thinking that Anton is like Paul Walker in that anyone who met him really seemed to genuinely like the guy. We remember that XboxOne ad where Zachary and Anton worked together. There was also a car spot with Zachary and Nimoy. If we were Chris Pine, we’d turn down any commercial endeavors with the guy…

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