Hannah Arya: Full Story & Must-See Details Of Murder Suicide Victim

Hannah Arya, 15, the daughter of real estate broker Michael Arya, was one of three women discovered at the property in Rancho Santa Fe, California on Monday, according to local news station CBS8. Arya, 15, a boarding school girl, her aunt, and a family friend were killed in a murder suicide. The murder suicide took place in America’s 42nd richest zip code, following  “a dispute over her father’s will after he died of lung cancer”. Her father had passed away from lung cancer just a few months earlier. The other two victims were identified as Mia Shin, 56, a Los Angeles real estate agent and family friend and Sayeh Amini – Hannah’s aunt and Michael Arya’s sister.

As for a motive, detectives have not revealed one. However, they did say that they are not looking for any other suspects indicating it was a murder-suicide. Autopsies are expected to be completed Wednesday. Police say it is unclear how the three died, but they had each suffered “obvious trauma”.

Mia Shin was a successful real estate agent. After starting her real estate career by working in Rancho Santa Fe, she branched out to the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. The bodies of all three were found at the property, which was bought by Michael Arya, 58, in 2014 and valued at $1.3 million, according to property records.

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