This Dude (Probably On Drugs) Gets Absolutely Annihilated By A Car, Shakes It Off Like It’s All In A Day’s Work

This guy is either the black Superman, or is tripping some serious balls. I’m gonna lean towards tripping balls.

Who here thinks this guy isn’t on drugs? Well guess what? You’re an idiot, because this dude is absolutely geeking. Coming to you from Boston is this hilarious video of this lunatic playing a casual game of real life Frogger. Ironically, the¬†vehicle who eithered this dude belongs to Quest Diagnostics, a company that’s “driven to discover and deliver diagnostic insights and innovations that help to improve human health.”

This best part of the video, other than how bodied the dude gets, is his reaction afterwards. He stands up with a sense of both “WTF just happened?” and “Ah, no big deal.”


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